We can help you making your dream nursery


Most mums (and dads!) want their nursery to be the most unique room in the house. We plan months in advance of what to buy, browse stores and websites for beautiful furniture, wall paper, bedding and decor.

Suddenly those months have flown by and you are now close to becoming a parent, maybe for the first time! You room is far from ready. You need more time, but the baby is coming regardless of the room being ready or not!

Here's how we can help:

Our goal is to help you making your nursery as unique as your baby. We can help you customise your unique prints and select our handcrafted decor just for you.

If you select our Customised Print, we can design the prints based on your existing decor! Have a beautiful bedlinen or some adorable cuddly toys? Email us pictures of these pieces and we'll match the colours in your new 100% unique customised print. 

Sound interesting?


"We contacted abcanimals.cool to see if they could create a pink version of one of their prints and they kindly agreed. It is exactly what I was hoping for and the quality of the print is excellent."





Our Story

The Beginning

My husband and I have been working with advertisement and design for over a decade, and have had several multinational companies as clients.

When we got pregnant with our first son we almost immediately started looking for customised wall art, where we could include his name, for his nursery. After weeks of searching we did not find anyone providing that 100% customisable print.

So, we turned our heads toward our previous colleagues and designers! They helped us develop the animal prints we wanted. And the greater thing was knowing our prints were 100% unique.




That got us into thinking. Why should it be so difficult to get something customised and special for a nursery? We don't want parents to go through that hassle we had to. 

Fast forward 4 years, a few month before our second son was born, we had designed over 30 animals, based on the original one we developed for our first son.

Our older son had the privilege of deciding which style the animals would have and he always had the final say! He even started knicking our print-outs and started colouring them himself! We then knew we had something special.

When his friends and cousins were over he always showed them the newest animals. Seeing children smile over a design you created is one of the proudest moments we have had.

Thank you abcanimals.cool!
We found your website and it looked really interesting. When we made contact it became obvious for us that we could customise our own prints, with your skilled help. My children got a poster each made especially for them, and my wife really liked «to the moon and back» print. 

Vegard Henriksen, Norway




Our second son is now two years old. He still says goodnight to his prints...every night! They have been with him since he was born. They have become a part of him. We have had fun teaching him different animal sounds, and my poor husband has many times have had to act like the animals hanging on his wall(!) 


On top of being customisable prints, they have given us a joy we could never expect.

Imagine having your child reacting and interacting with a special print you took the time to develop just for him or her.

So thank you for being here and giving us the opportunity to be part of making your dream nursery come true.